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Tenant's guide

Once you have identified your ideal new home, here's what will happen next. For any fees associated with this process please visit our fees page.

  • Viewings

Once you have identified a property you'd like to view, contact us and we will arrange a mutually convenient viewing time including evenings and Saturdays. You will usually be accompanied by Sophia or Freddie who will help you with any queries you might have. If you are interested in renting a property you will have to submit an application form.

  • Reserving a Property

To reserve a property you will have to pay a holding fee, usually 2 weeks rent, when you submit your application forms – this fee will be transferred towards your first month’s rent when you check in. The fee enables us to hold the property for you subject to satisfactory references and subject to contract. We will only accept and process one formal application at a time. The property will not be offered to other tenants until your referencing process has been completed and the result of your application is known.

  • Referencing

Once the holding fee is received and application forms have been fully completed by all adults who wish to take up residence in the property we will apply for your references. This process, which will include full credit referencing, is carried out by a professional and independent referencing company. A referencing fee will be charged for each applicant and guarantor. When you make an application for a property, you will also need to sign and return a copy of our Terms & Conditions applicable when a property is rented from us.

  • Guarantors

In certain cases a guarantor must be provided at the start of the tenancy and the same guarantor or a replacement guarantor must guarantee the tenancy for as long as it continues. The guarantor must also complete an application form and be referenced. A referencing fee will be due for each guarantor.

  • Cancellation of Applications

If the landlord declines you a tenancy your holding fee will be refunded to you.

If you decide not to proceed with the tenancy before references have been applied for, there will be an administrative charge of £50 which will be held back from your holding fee. If the result of the referencing is a declined application you will be charged for the referencing fee which will be held back from your holding fee. Please note that this also applies to any guarantor references. If you choose not to move into the property after referencing has been completed, your holding fee will be transferred to the landlord, in lieu of lost rent, whilst he restarts the search for a new tenant.  

  • Deposit

When you move into the property you will need to pay a deposit which will be held for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy it will be used to offset any damage beyond fair wear and tear. The amount of the deposit is between a month’s to six weeks rent or £500 whichever is greater and this must be paid in cleared funds at the time we check you into your property.

  • Tenancy Deposit Protection

If the tenancy is to be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) then the deposit will be registered in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Protection regulations which came into force on 6th April 2007. You will be given a leaflet containing more information on this subject and also served with a notice within 30 days of paying the deposit advising which of the four Government approved schemes the deposit is to be registered with.

  • Moving In

On the day of moving into your property you will need to have covered any outstanding fees as per above. Your first month's rent will need to have been paid and be cleared funds in our client account prior to moving in. Please note that tenants cannot be checked into a property unless and until all necessary fees and payments have been paid in full and by way of cleared funds and all tenants are able to sign the necessary legal documentation before the legal commencement of the tenancy. Appointments to move into the property usually take place on weekdays between 9am-5pm and will incur a check in fee. If the tenant(s) request an appointment outside these times we aim to accommodate such request but an additional fee of £30 can be charged.

  • Checking into the Property

We will only be able to check you into a property if all fees and payments have been cleared and if all tenants are able to sign the necessary legal documentation prior to the legal commencement of the tenancy. The check-in will take place at our office where the inventory will also be agreed and one set of keys per tenant handed over. If you require extra keys this must be advised, they will be cut at your expense and must be handed back to us when you vacate the property. If your non compliance with any of the agreed provisions leads to the check in not being able to be completed at the previously agreed date & time an additional fee of £30 is payable to reimburse us for the additional time required.

  • The Tenancy Agreement

The Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up for a period of time agreed with you. Provided the tenancy has been conducted satisfactorily and if your Landlord is prepared to renew your tenancy at the end of the initial fixed period you may be offered a Renewal Tenancy. If this happens you will be asked to to sign a new tenancy agreement and any other necessary formal papers. This process will be repeated every time a new tenancy agreement is offered to you. The tenancy agreement will specify the legal requirements on who may occupy the property, when you can leave and when to give notice.